Why Us

Working with FDL will give you maximised returns on your forestry investment. Your single point of contact with us will allow you to take advantage of our exclusive supply chain and our established partnerships with valued suppliers of the end-to-end harvesting process.

7,000,000,000 NZD

MPI anticipates that the value of forest product exports will reach in 2022.

Greater Returns

Through direct access to our international customer, our unique supply-chain model eliminates import/export tariffs, providing the landowner with a greater rate of return on their investment than the market average.


Single point of contact

The FDL team manages and engages all components of the contract, from initial consultation to harvest to transport and logistics through to the replanting programme. This means that for simplicity, FDL acts as the single point of contact from end to end.

Established Partnerships

FDL has established partnerships with many known and trusted partners such as: 

  • Harvest crews
  • Cargo and freight companies
  • Excavation Contractors
  • Regional Councils
  • Silviculture suppliers
  • Port Authorities
  • Log marshalling providers

Exclusive Export Relationship

FDL has the exclusive export rights for New Zealand's South Island to distribute to one of Asia’s largest international log manufacturers.

Health and Safety

Operational management of harvesting/ transportation operations involves a strong focus on health and safety, environmental planning and accurate information flows. FDL has comprehensive safety and environmental management systems in place which meet Worksafe NZ and local government legislative requirements. We cut trees, not corners. Our commitment to auditable systems and compliance are second to none in the industry.

We believe in the Independent Forestry Safety Review FISCs (Forest Industry Safety Council) objective: zero fatalities and serious harm- “Together towards Zero”.

Our people return home safe to their families every day, that includes our team and our customers, we reduce risk to your property investing in the right staff training in tree management, harvesting and machinery handling skills prioritising fire minimisation and firefighting and health and safety skills.

Guaranteed Payments

FDL believe the key to successful harvesting and marketing of the forests is a direct and transparent process whereby owners can see all costs and revenues at any stage of the process. Under the FDL direct marketing process, all costs and revenues are fully disclosed ensuring that a high level of transparency is always achieved. There is no margin built in by a third party purchasing at the wharf and all sales are taken through to the export customer.

The importance of credibility and accountability is primary in our strategy. FDL will guarantee payment for any logs that leave the gate of a private woodlot owner, and payment for all logs leaving will be made in full the following month at the price agreed under contract.